Would you like to make a lasting gift to support the things you value? A bequest to Presbyterian Manor:

  • Is easy and inexpensive to set up
  • Will not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime
  • Can be amended or revoked if your family’s needs change in the future

You can support the cause of quality care to older adults through:

  • A specific bequest – a gift of a specific dollar amount or asset such as property, parcel of shares, bonds or life insurance policy.
  • A proportional bequest – a gift of a specific percentage on your residual estate, such as 50, 20, or some other %, to benefit older adults at Presbyterian Manor
  • A residual bequest – a gift of what remains in your estate after all debts have been paid and all other gifts have been distributed
  • An alternative or contingent bequest – a gift that states if any named beneficiary cannot accept your bequest, Presbyterian Manor will benefit.

“I feel that what I stand for will live on through this gift. What I have cared about in life will be preserved and that makes me feel good.”

Easy Ways to Make Changes to Your Will

For some donors, completing a Change of Beneficiary Form is much simpler than creating a new will. Adding a codicil to your will or an amendment to your living trust are also popular options.

Bank Accounts and More

You can name Presbyterian Manor as a beneficiary of your:

  • bank account (savings or checking)
  • certificates of deposit
  • brokerage account
  • life insurance policy

With a bank account (either savings or checking), you can simply visit your bank and request to name a beneficiary on your accounts. Assets will pass directly to Presbyterian Manor without going through probate. Contact us to discuss details on this and other opportunities:
Kris Awtrey, Administrator/CEO, at (940) 691-1710 or
Ruth Jones, Director of Fund Development, at (940) 689-7210.

Tax Savings

Federal tax laws allow numerous savings for charitable contributions to 501(c) 3 organizations involving stocks, retirement plans, savings bonds and more. Your tax adviser will help you determine the specific tax benefits such a gift would provide. Please contact us if we can help.

Contact Us

We can provide you or your attorney with customized beneficiary language that is specific to your goals and interests.
Contact Kris Awtrey, Administrator/CEO, at (940) 691-1710 or
Ruth Jones, Director of Fund Development, at (940) 689-7210.

Your gift protects Presbyterian Manor and its mission of caring for older adults for years to come. If you have included us in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can thank you for your generosity.