House of Hope 5th Wing Expansion

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We made it! The new wing is completely paid for and you helped us reach a total of:
That was 100% of our goal! THANK YOU!
Thank you so much for helping to build this future home for older adults! If you would like to tour the new wing or our campus, please contact us at (940) 689-7210 or

Why Is This New Wing So Urgent?

Planned Expansion Floorplan

The House of Hope was built in 2007 with community support to answer the need for specialized older adult nursing care. With baby boomers turning retirement age, seniors are the fastest growing population segment in our nation today. Our community must be ready to respond to the increasing need for nursing and healthcare.

No More Room

During the past year, the House of Hope has been filled to 95% capacity and, for almost 50 days of that year, 100% capacity! The need for more rooms is clearly urgent so that families do not have to be turned away when seeking placement for their loved one.

How The New Wing Will Help Current Residents

Current residents with Alzheimer’s suffer from a progressive, degenerative disease. The House of Hope was built specifically and uniquely to address this. For example, as a resident needs more customized care, availability in other wings is important for their medical needs and for their quality of life. Increasing the facility’s capacity with the new wing will ensure each resident receives the best care for their needs.

How The New Wing Will Help Future Residents

Potential residents are being turned away because there is no room for their loved one. Most often, a family member will call at a time of crisis, when nursing care is needed immediately. Placing their loved one on a waiting list is not a solution. The House of Hope must increase its capacity to care for those who need us now and in the future!



Did You Know?

  • Each day, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 years old
  • The population of those over the age of 85 is the fastest growing segment
  • Every 60 seconds in America, someone develops Alzheimer’s. In 15 years, the number of Alzheimer’s patients is estimated to increase by 50% from today’s numbers (from 5.2 million to 7.7 million)


The construction of an additional wing to the House of Hope facility will increase the capacity of the facility by 25%, providing round-the-clock licensed nursing care to an additional 15 residents.

A gift of any size will help provide older adults with a place of compassionate nursing care. Please consider a gift to help build the House of Hope 5th Wing for older adults.